Shop in Person

Local Friends - grab your mask and head on out for a socially distanced show! I'll have lots of hand-sanitizer and all the leather goods available for you!

October 10th, 2020 - First Chance, Last Chance Art Show POP-UP
A handful of local artists will be setup outside in the parking lot behind the Waterbury Building at the NW corner of Central & Broadway in the heart of the arts-district of NE Mpls.     1129 Van Buren Street - NE Mpls

September 26th, 2020 - Rock What You Got at the State Fair Grounds, St. Paul, MN
Put your mask on and head on over to the Shilling Amphitheater at the MN State Fairgrounds for the Pay Gap Comedy & Music Festival. Find me at The Marketplace. Get more info grab your ticket right here:

September 19 - 20th, 2020 - Lakeville Art Show, Lakeville, MN 
This will be a smaller art show with booths placed far enough apart for physical distance. You'll find lots of hand sanitizer and masks will be required. I can't wait to see you!


What a year it is. Outside of pandemic times, you can typically find me at about 25 regional juried art shows. It's all online now and ready to ship to your doorstep, or if you're local, select curbside pickup.

Let's stay connected on Instagram until we can meet in person at a show again! @juliemeyerleathergoods


Feb 21st - 22nd : Unglued Craft Fest, Fargo, ND

Feb 29th - March 1st : Uptown Art Fair Indoors at Bachman's in Mpls