The Proper Care & Cleaning of Leather

The Proper Care & Cleaning of Leather

The Proper Care and Storage of Leather Handbags by Julie Meyer
It's the 'Get Organized' part of the year which always feels so good. I love cleaning up, pairing-down and finding the right put-away spots for everything. This includes tidying up the coat hooks by the back-door and the coat tree in the porch. There's usually a few handbags hanging that have not been used in a while and need to be stored away.

The best way to take care of these handbags is to first empty the contents, then tip out the crumbs and tiny bits. Use a soft, damp (almost dry) cloth to wipe down the outside and inside of the bag.
Empty your bag before storing

If your leather bag is really soiled, use a proper leather cleaner that you can purchase at finer shoe stores or online. Leather has natural oils, and some homemade cleaners can damage and dry out the leather.

Clean and condition your leather bags as needed.
If the leather has been in contact with heat and sunlight it may have dried out a bit and maybe even have developed cracks. A good quality leather conditioner should be lightly applied in a buffing, circular motion and allowed to soak in to bring back the soft and subtle nature of leather.

Stuff your bag to keep it's shape while storing.

Store your handbags stuffed with tissue or brown paper to retain it's shape. Leather should be kept away from heat and sunlight and never stored in plastic. Instead, use a pillow case to tuck your bag into.

With proper care and handling, your handbag will last from season-to-season and develop a rich and personal patina over time as you enjoy using your leather bag.

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